Conforti History
Over 100 years of security systems
for public and private activities

Conforti history develops throughout more than one hundred years of activity, in which the passion for iron and security-related items have led the generations of the Conforti family to create a brand which is today worldwide recognized and synonymous with protection.

Conforti products have improved over the time to respond to the growing security needs, while the key concepts of the Conforti offer such as quality, expertise and values have never changed.

Our achievements

From 1912 to 1939

Conforti history starts in a small artisan shop in the center Verona, where Silvio Conforti, the founder, sets up his own business after a contest prize for his masterpiece–safe.

Despite the war, the activity continues and during the 20s the production focuses on the goldsmith market mostly around the Vicenza province, manufacturing safes up to 2 tons of weight.

Towards the end of the 30s Conforti moves to the new siege of Porta Palio in Verona, which will remain the historic siege for about 70 years. The production covers a full range of locks and safes up to 11 or 12 tons of weight. Conforti is becoming a winning brand, the first collaboration with the Bank of Italy is now possible.