Conforti History
Over 100 years of security systems
for public and private activities

Conforti history develops throughout more than one hundred years of activity, in which the passion for iron and security-related items have led the generations of the Conforti family to create a brand which is today worldwide recognized and synonymous with protection.

Conforti products have improved over the time to respond to the growing security needs, while the key concepts of the Conforti offer such as quality, expertise and values have never changed.

Our achievements

2000 – The New Millennium

The turn into the new millennium marks the technological watershed towards an increasingly innovation-oriented world. With the new Cash-Management production line Conforti implements new strategies to expand the traditional security market: electronic devices, safes and specific solutions for the optimization of cash transactions.
The classical production is developing with a special focus on the search for new materials of increasing resistance against burglary.