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Fireproof Cabinets

Would you like to secure your data and documents from fire?
Conforti presents its fireproof cabinets and safes designed to protect paper documents and data according to the different certifications.

How we protect
Conforti fireproof cabinets and safes are made of a double-wall body, and a fireproof material is placed between the two walls in order to resist very high temperatures during fires, from 60 up to 120 minutes.

Several models for different needs
To satisfy the various security needs the models vary in dimension and weight. They resist fire but they also protect from theft and burglary, according to the different grades of certification. This specific range of Conforti products comply with the strict security standards of the reference certifications.

Which use
Fireproof cabinets and safes are mostly used in offices, corporate archives and public administrations.