Conforti fireproof cabinets and safes for the protection of paper documents

Companies cannot certainly give up protection of their paper documents.

This is why Conforti realizes and proposes fireproof cabinets for the protection of paper documents, thus safeguarding one of the most important corporate resources. With possible floor anchoring, the cabinets are available in various models, which differ in size, capacity and fire resistance timing, ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. Moreover, some models also guarantee resistance to materials used to extinguish fire, which could in fact damage the inside content or make it unusable.

The inside space has been specifically designed to contain A4 binders.

Locks and interior design
Fireproof cabinets and safes for the protection of paper documents  may be equipped with different locks and with various kinds of interior design, such as fixed and removable shelves and fireproof security boxes for DATA protection.