Armored and security doors

KX port

Armored and security doors

KX port

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
238 x 156 x 55
Weight (kg)
Lock Info
Net Passage
200 x 90
Door Thickness
43 cm

The KX armoured door offers an almost unbeatable barrier against the most powerful thermal attacks, like breakers, core drills, oxyacetylene torches and thermal lances, instruments that could cause devastating effects on the environment and on people.

As a high security defense, this door is meant for high-risk environments and for people who need to protect valuables in a vault room structure.


  • outside plate in M.S. steel, fixed to conglomerate by means of special profiles
  • reinforced conglomerate armouring
  • polyvalent metal armouring (TARK) extended to the whole door surface
  • defense against thermal lance (ALC)
  • inside plate in M.S. steel
  • possible inspection of device room
  • 6 + 6 bolts on the vertical side and 2 on the upper horizontal side
  • automatic blockage system of locking mechanisms in the event of a break-in, not detectable from the outside


  • mechanical lock with changeable key
  • 4-disk combination lock: it blocks the key-holder rod excluding possible communications between inside and outside.

Colour: RAL 7031 Gray

On request

  • other locks
  • emergency opening device
  • device against segregation
  • single gate
  • wall-mounted shock absorber
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