Conforti free standing certified safes

The certified  safe – or free-standing certified safe – responds to the  European regulation UNI EN 1143-1, which classifies security products according to security grades and prescribes test criteria to assess products’ resistance. The security grades are 14, grades from 1 to 5 regard safes, while upper grades refer to armoured doors and vault rooms.

How do you find the certification grade?

Inside the door of each free standing certified safe, you find a certification label indicating the main features (certification body, regulation, model, grade, weight, producer).

Which lock?
These safes are provided with UNI EN 1300 certified key lock. Other locks are also available: mechanical, digital or self-powered. The choice includes sophisticated biometric locks with fingerprint reading.

Where to use it?

Certified safes are suitable for the residential, commercial and industrial sector, and for high risk environments such as banks, large retailers, jewelries, gambling halls, fuel stations, and generally where a good level of security is needed.