Quick Deposit Safes

In order to reduce the theft/robbery risk, the large-scale organized distribution and other activities that involve important money handling need to remove money surplus safely and quickly.

Conforti quick deposit safes perfectly satisfy this needallowing values’ deposit and transfer of money through maximum protection.

How do they work?
The operator deposits money directly from inside of the premises, whereas withdrawal occurs from the outside by the Value Transport Company or other authorized body. These products, which are subject to constant updating, are able to guarantee the highest security levels: their physical and electronic defenses may counteract the evolution of the most sophisticated robbery assaults. Quick deposit safes are also available in the “gasproof” version against explosive gas attacks.

Conforti quick deposit safes may be equipped with special devices for acceptance of pneumatic mailboxes.

Anti Hold-Up Safes

The anti hold-up safe is designed to counteract robbery attempts, which mostly take place inside shops or business places.

Conforti anti hold-up safes are conceived for the safekeeping of people too, since robbery, which occurs during the shop’s opening hours, does not only implies economic damage but also possible high-risk violence against personnel and customers.

The several Conforti models of anti hold-up safes guarantee the different levels of resistance to burglary. How? These safes are equipped with special devices for quick deposit of money surplus, thus limiting its availability and discouraging the robber’s possible interest.

As an effective deterrent, people must know about the presence of anti hold-up safes, and this can be done by applying stickers on the shop’s windows.

Time Delay
It’ s the  electronic device provided for some models of the Conforti anti hold-up safes, which forces you to wait a few minutes (settable) before opening the door. This system makes fast money removal impossible.