Exclusive safes

Capitonné and Gold

Exclusive safes

Capitonné and Gold

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The décor safe.

A new and very stylish creation in veal leather, the outside in capitonné and the inside in satin gold.
As a sophisticated luxury complement, the interior includes clock cases and drawers covered in soft suede eco-leather.

The special processing of the outside cover, the capitonné with creasing, creates an elegant and silky safe for refined environments.
The interior design in satin gold can lodge the most beautiful objects.

The upper part of the safe contains cases for valuable watches. Additional covered drawers complete the composition.

The inside soft led lights embellish the ensemble.

High Customization.

Our EXCLUSIVE SAFES can be entirely customized, both outside and inside, fully satisfying the most special requests about size, security grade, preciousness of materials, locking systems and interior design.
Each safe is unique and tailor-made.

 If you are a watch collector, don’t miss the opportunity to equip your EXCLUSIVE SAFE with the high quality watch winders!

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