Impianti di allarme e videosorveglianza

Alarm and Video Surveillance systems

What to take into consideration for an alarm system: the careful analysis of the environment that needs protection, the related risks, the people who live in it, and the evaluation of the correct economic investment.

Some of the main alarm systems:

Anti intrusion systems

Signal unauthorized intrusions inside a building or a protected area. The design of these systems, which includes various devices, takes into account the peculiarities of the site.

Anti holdup systems

Deter possible criminal actions during opening hours of business activities,alerting the Police when necessary. In such places, the design of these systems pays particular attention to all security aspects, including the customer or visitor well-being and the optimization of management costs.

Video surveillance systems

Allow local or remote control of areas through cameras and monitors. By viewing real time or recorded images, it is possible to detect dangerous situations and organize the intervention of the assigned personnel. Today advanced video surveillance systems can manage, store, analyze and transfer images in real time.

Security fog machines

Inhibit the intruder in few seconds preventing the accomplishment of the theft. The released fog is harmless to people, animals and materials. This device represents a necessary complement to the alarm system for activities like tobacco shops, pharmacies, stores and shops in general.

Fire alarm systems

Detect the presence of smoke or fire by activating a series of devices in order to extinguish possible fires.

Beside choosing and designing an alarm system, it’s very important to plan a maintenance program, so to guarantee perfect functionality of the system over the time and to avoid possible malfunctions which could cause inefficiency. On this regard, Conforti offers you personalized assistance through its team of highly qualified technicians, which operates all over the country.