Conforti has boosted the concept of security for over a hundred years, therefore the company has not only manufactured products but has also developed a specific security project. Conforti has always distinguished itself in interpreting the customers’ needs to provide them with the best solutions. Conforti Security Project is the company’s total commitment in having accomplished tens of thousands of solutions for both the residential and professional areas. Always at the forefront in the technological evolution of materials, electronics and computer science, Conforti has effectively countered the crime techniques that over the years have turned increasingly sophisticated.

Our security solutions:

The alarm system plays a major role within a security project. All physical defenses may in fact be violated when burglars have instruments and time at their disposal. An alarm and video surveillance system zeros this possibility by immediately signaling any theft attempt.

Conforti offers a series of Cash-in solutions for all those activities that are characterized by the provision of money and the need to manage it in a safe and certified way. Thanks to these products it is possible to achieve multiple advantages, including the reduction of the risk of robbery and infidelity, the verification of counterfeit banknotes, the immediate crediting of money, the elimination of human error, the saving of control times and finally the reduction insurance costs.