Data fireproof cabinets

Classificatori serie CLS

Data fireproof cabinets

Classificatori serie CLS

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
720 x 525 x 675
Weight (kg)
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These filing cabinets ensure unrivalled fire protection for documents and data.
In compliance with the GDPR regulation, these cabinets are widely used in archives, companies and business activities.
The drawers may accommodate a special protection unit for computer media.


  •  NT FIRE 017 Paper certification (90 minutes
  • MTC-DIP120-60DM Data certification (DVD, USB etc - 60 minutes) each drawer is individually insulated for fire protection of the content all products are tested for 9,1 meter fall
  • water resistant: inside sealing to protect content from water drawer with individual lock/unlock system
  • folders block bar for capacity optimization


C models: high quality key lock (2 copies)
E models: electronic lock

 On request

Protection Unit with accommodation inside the drawer for computer data - 90 minutes

 Colour: RAL 9003 white

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