PK armoured doors


Armoured doors - Door Thickness: 325 mm

In a high risk environment, where large amounts of money or values are such to require the use of a vault room in order to guarantee the security of workers and goods, Conforti PK11 e PK12 armoured doors are the right solution.
The difference between PK11 and PK12 armoured doors consists in the hinges position: on the right side for PK11 and on the left side for PK12. What they have both in common is a the very high level of defense: the multilayer unique and compact structure creates an excellent barrier against mechanical or thermal attacks.


  • outside steel panel fixed to conglomerate by means of special profiles
  • conglomerate armouring with inside steel mesh
  • polyvalent metal armouring extended to the whole door surface
  • inside steel panel
  • device room protected by defenses (possible inspection of device room)
  • automatic blockage system of locking mechanisms in the event of a break-in, not detectable from the outside
  • door-to-frame locking consists of 8 cylindrical bolts, 6 on the vertical side and 2 on the upper side
  • on the hinge side a tear-resistant profile along the whole door height


  • Mechanical lock with changeable key
  • 4-disk combination lock
  • Others locks on request

Color: RAL 7031 grey

On request

  • emergency opening device
  • device against seclusion
  • time delay opening
  • single gate
  • wall-mounted shock absorber



PK11-12 Armoured Doors

220 cm

130 cm

43 cm

Door thickness
32,5 cm

Net passage – Height
190 cm

Net passage – Width
80 cm

Weight (kg)

Defences thickness
20 cm


Outside dimensions
(H x W x D cm)

Net passage
(HxW cm.)

Weight Kg.

Door thickness cm.

Defences thickness cm.

PK 7 220 x 120 x 28 190 x 80 720  17,7  9

PK 11 - PK 12

220 x 130 x 43

190 x 80