Wall safes

K-SAFE (1 model)

Wall safes

K-SAFE (1 model)

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
12,7 x 41 x 47
Inside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
9 x 34 x 34
Weight (kg)
Volume litres
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Azionata da telecomando TV

The effectiveness of a security system lies in its accessibility and ease of use. The K safe can be quickly and safely fixed in a normally unused space, the kitchen baseboard.

The safe-drawer can be opened without keys and thanks to your TV remote control by simply typing your personal code.

Setting your personal code on your TV remote control is very simple. Closing occurs by pushing the drawer in the kitchen baseboard until it disappears. Most of TV remote controls can be easily recognized thanks to the microprocessor contained inside the drawer.

The independence of structural details makes fixing very simple: a plate is fixed to the floor and to the wall, offering great resistance to eradication, the casing is then connected to it, and the drawer can be finally inserted, with a section of the kitchen baseboard secured on the front of the drawer.


  • floor anchorage (4 holes, 16mm diameter) and/ or wall anchorage (2 holes, 16mm diameter)
  • 3 mm thick steel body
  • 8+2 mm thick steel front
  • Sliding drawer
  • Infrared led for commands
  • 220 Vac Power supply


Lock activated by TV remote control

Colour RAL 7031Grey

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