Certified safes


Certified safes


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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
80 x 51 x 45 (+cm 4,5 di sporgenza maniglia)
Inside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
67,5 x 38,5 x 26,5
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This stylish CONFORTI  Design Safe is EN 1143-1 al 1st grade certified.

How to describe it? It’s new, elegant and ….historical.  The artistry of the frieze on the door reveals in fact an event of great value for our Company: the door decoration has been  inspired by the first safe created in 1912 by the company's founder, which was so beautiful as to win a first competition prize.

Today, like in the past, the ornament makes the industrial product aesthetically very pleasing.

The two models:
• The LIBERTY SAFE with inside movable shelves and led light (battery included)
• The LUX LIBERTY SAFE with the same outside as the above safe but with inside furnishing in lacquered wood and 3 glass shelves. Led lights embellish the interior along the 3 sides, except the base. This safe is power supplied.

According to the European regulation the certified LIBERTY SAFE may have floor or wall anchorage.


  • Inside and outside walls in high quality steel
  • Multilayer armoured shield with special conglomerate
  • manganese plate protecting closing mechanisms against mechanical attacks
  • Cut-proof protection of the door, fastened to the frame by movable cylindrical bolts (30 mm diameter) which are fixed on hinges side
  • 180° door opening to facilitate inside access
  • Anchoring holes at the base and the back as required by certification (specific screws included)
  • Certified key lock (EN 1300 –B grade)
  • EN 1143-1 certification – 1st Grade

LIBERTY SAFE: inside led lighting (AAA batteries included)
LUX LIBERTY SAFE: inside led lighting along the 3 sides, except the base (220 Vac/12 Vcc powered)

- RAL 7005 Grey
- FRIEZE: bordeaux
- LIBERTY SAFE: RAL 7035 colour for shelves and mechanisms’ cover
- LUX LIBERTY SAFE: RAL 7035 colour for lacquered inside furnishing and mechanisms’ cover

CONFORTI SPA reserves the right to make changes to products without prior notice.

Contact us for more information:
conforti@conforti.it +39 045 8877329
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