Armored and security doors

Serie PCC - Gradi I-IX

Armored and security doors

Serie PCC - Gradi I-IX

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
210 x 115
Weight (kg)
Lock Info
30 mm
EN 1143-1 Grade
Net Passage
198 x 97
Door Thickness
105 mm

Do you have an armoured room without a proper door?

Conforti armoured doors is what you need. It is essential for the protection of your room.

PPC armoured doors offer a very high security grade. Thanks to their steel profiles, and locking sys-tem by means of pistons, they are easily adaptable to reinforced concrete structures or modular prefabricated constructions (caveaux).

 PPC models are certified from 1st to 9th grade , according to the UNI EN 1143-1 rule.

 Depending on their security grade, PCC armoured doors are equipped with key lock up to the 3rd grade and with mechanical combination lock from the 4th grade


  •  inside and outside steel shell
  • thickness and compound of inside armouring vary according to the different certification grades
  • possible inspection of device room for maintenance
  • locks are protected and placed inside the device room cylindrical bolts (40 or 60 mm. diameter)
  • right or left door opening


  •  PCC 1 / 2 / 3: certified mechanical key lock
  • PCC 4/5/6/7/8/9: certified mechanical key lock and certified mechanical combination lock

 Digital locks on request (multiple users, Time-Delay, Time-Lock, remote control to alarm system etc.)

Accessories: single gate

Colour: RAL 7035 Grey

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