Quick deposit and anti hold-up safes

ANY TIME series

Quick deposit and anti hold-up safes

ANY TIME series

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98,5 (+1,5*) x 56(+5*) x 63 (+15*) *sporgenza portellone
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ANY TIME enables the deposit of money surplus from inside the premises and allows withdrawal from the outside.
Large retailers, or people who work in areas with daily handling of large sums of money, certainly feel the need to secure themselves and their working environment.
ANY TIME, the money transfer safe, is the right solution to remove money surplus: money can be deposited from inside the premises and withdrawn from the outside by the Value Transport Companies.


  • safe housing the deposit device and the money collection bag
  • self-locking bag (on extraction) for money collection in strong tissue with plastic and metal frame, lock with flat sealable key
  • withdrawal side:
    - 180° door opening
    - anti-vandalism hatch, full door covering
  • deposit side:
    - deposit slot for money envelopes
    - deposit pipeline protected by anti-fishing device

Colour RAL 7031 Grey

Certifications: Product coming from UNI EN 1143-1 – 3rd grade certified safe


  • deposit side: mechanical lock with double-bit key
  • withdrawal side: mechanical lock with double-bit key and mechanical lock with 3 digit
  • hatch: mechanical lock with double-bit key


  • self-locking bag for money collection
  • deposit for pneumatic post on request


1. Deposit

  • possible only during regular functioning and when bag is available (highlighted by optical signal)
  • envelopes of adequate size from the inside
  • electronic interlock between deposit and withdrawal side (deposit is not possible when the door is open and vice versa)

2. Withdrawal

  • possible when deposit door is regularly closed
  • self-locking bag on extraction
  • after breaking the seal, bag opening occurs by universal key
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