Quick deposit and anti hold-up safes


Quick deposit and anti hold-up safes


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Among Conforti’s quick deposit safes, GASPROOF ANY TIME is the top of the line: a strong safe, capable of withstanding severe mechanical and thermal attacks (UNI EN 1143-1, 3rd GRADE certified).
GASPROOF ANY TIME, the money transfer safe, protects you from inhalation of explosive gases preventing access to potentially toxic substances from the outside and the inside: the real safe against gas.
The deposit and withdrawal device guarantees very high security during all operations with top performance in terms of quality and reliability.


  • safe designed to withstand explosive gases’ insufflation
  • watertight deposit slot:
    - highly restistant material
    - gasket against insufflation
    - motorized lock by UNIKEY key
  • watertight door
  • with electronic UNIKEY no holes for the lock
  • automatic door opening by authorized user
  • reinforced structure against drilling
  • self-locking bag for money collection removable from the street side
  • deposit side: deposit slot for money envelopes. Deposit pipeline protected by mechanical anti-fishing device
  • withdrawal side: 180° door opening to facilitate extraction of self-locking bag with money suplus

Colour RAL 7031 Grey

NOTE: In order to guarantee maximum protection, it is necessary to connect the sensors (included) to an alarm system (not included)

Certifications: Products coming from UNI EN 1143-1 – 3rd GRADE – certified safe


  • withdrawal side: motorized lock by UNIKEY
  • deposit side: motorized lock by UNIKEY to allow deposit slot opening


  • self -locking bag for money collection
  • proximity keys for door opening


  • outside printer with receipt
  • inside printer with receipt


1. Deposit

  • possible only during regular functioning and when bag is available (highlighted by optical signal)
  • envelopes of adequate size from the inside
  • electronic interlock between deposit and withdrawal side (deposit is not possible when the door is open and vice versa)

2. Withdrawal

  • possible when deposit door is regularly closed
  • self-locking bag on extraction
  • after breaking the seal, bag opening occurs by universal key

Specific features

  • microprocessor management
  • user identification by personal microchip key, which cannot be reproduced
  • events logging and data referring to the contents of the last 60 bags (PC download by requesting technical assistance)
  • self-diagnosis of anomalies
  • surveillance of electronics compartments, with blockage if tampered
  • optical and acoustic signal in absence of network
  • detection of fishing attempts with consequent alarm signal
  • deposit block until alarm reset by authorized UNIKEY key
  • deposits’ counter
  • electronic identification of the bag and of its correct position
  • display for status check
  • OPTIONAL: remote control via IP by MERCURIO, the Conforti centralized software
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    conforti@conforti.it +39 045 8877329