Quick deposit and anti hold-up safes


Quick deposit and anti hold-up safes


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ANY TIME UNIKEY is the quick deposit safe which accurately tracks all deposit and withdrawal operations.
For business activities, supermarkets, petrol stations, game rooms and other places with circulation of large sums of money, Conforti has designed specific money transfer products of the ANYTIME family.
Thanks to its microchip Unikey lock, ANY TIME UNIKEY provides further protection if compared to the basic model: it is related to the CT safes (UNI EN 1143-1, 3rd grade certified).


  • money transfer safe designed to house the deposit device and the money collection bag
  • self-locking bag (on extraction) for money collection in strong tissue with plastic and metal frame, lock with flat sealable key
  • withdrawal side: 180° door opening to facilitate bag extraction for money surplus
  • hatch, full door covering (street side)
  • events logging by proximity keys

Colour RAL 7031 grey


  • withdrawal side: double-bit key lock, mechanical combination lock, UNIKEY electronic lock
  • deposit side: double-bit key lock, UNIKEY electronic lock
  • hatch: double-bit key lock

Certifications: products coming from UNI EN 1143-1 – 3rd grade certified safe


  • self-locking bag for money collection
  • proximity keys for door opening


  • printer with receipt (outside/inside)
  • pneumatic post on request


1. Deposit

  • possible only during regular functioning and when bag is available (highlighted by optical signal)
  • envelopes of adequate size from the inside
  • electronic interlock between deposit and withdrawal side (deposit is not possible when the door is open and vice versa)

2. Withdrawal

  • possible when deposit door is regularly closed
  • self-locking bag on extraction
  • after breaking the seal, bag opening occurs by universal key

Specific features

  • microprocessor management
  • user identification by personal microchip key, which cannot be reproduced
  • events logging and data referring to the contents of the last 60 bags (PC download by requesting technical assistance)
  • self-diagnosis of anomalies
  • surveillance of electronics compartments, with blockage if tampered
  • optical and acoustic signal in absence of network
  • detection of fishing attempts with consequent alarm signal
  • deposit block until alarm reset by authorized UNIKEY key
  • deposits counter
  • electronic identification of the bag and of its correct position
  • display for status check

OPTIONAL: remote control via IP by MERCURIO, the Conforti centralized software

Contact us for more information:
conforti@conforti.it +39 045 8877329