Wall safes

GAMMA AT series

Wall safes

GAMMA AT series

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
23 x 36 x 19,5
Inside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
21 x 34 x 15
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If you are looking for a practical and camouflaged safe, the TK series is definitively the best solution.

Discreet and cumbersome, TK safes are specifically designed for wall insertion and are capable of disappearing completely from sight when concealed by other objects or furniture.

The wide range of TK products fully satisfies the various security needs of the buyers. The crucial features, ease of access and use, are totally respected.

Thanks to their small dimensions, TK safes are particularly suitable for private homes, professional studios or small businesses. A special technical device counteracts efficiently possible door breakthrough by sledgehammer.


  • Breakthrough resistance of the front thanks to the 3D laser cut technology
  • Resistance to the cutting disc thanks to the exclusive, strong and synthetic minerals
  • Multilayer door and frame (10 mm steel + 10 mm cut resistant alloy)
  • Epoxy coating with double phosphating treatment
  • Four-sides back anchoring jerks-proof wings



  • 2-turns, double bitt key lock with 6 asymmetrical levers and direct bolts drive


  • Electronic motorized lock
  • Battery powered
  • Outside emergency powering

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