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SCF series

Cash in

SCF series

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
63 x 34,5 x 53,5 + 8
Weight (kg)
Lock Info
Power Supply
220 Vac - 120 W
Cash Box Capacity
1200 banknotes
LAN RJ45, RS232, USB
MEI Reader
1 x SCL83
Operating Limit Temperature (°C)
Temperature (°C): 10-40 / Humidity (%): 30%-85%

The SCF Secure Cash Flow represents an advanced system of cash management that considerably reduces risks, it protects money, people and their actions.

The benefits coming from the use of the SCF deposit safe makes it almost essential for business activities, large retailers, oil stations, game rooms, values transport companies, banking institutes and more.

Located in a suitable place for security needs, the SCF system allows quick cash removal and safe cash management. Moreover the system includes an integrated electronic logic with the hosting structure for organized management of all operations.

The SCF system includes various models:

  • with 1 or 2 banknote acceptors, capable of reporting fake banknotes
  • with or without cash box for sequential stacking of banknotes


  • reduced robbery risk
  • reduced “fake banknote” risk
  • reduced insurance costs
  • time saving on deposits check
  • reduced energy consumption
  • elimination of human error in counting cash deposits
  • elimination of infidelity risks and controversial issues
  • acceptance of different money cuts (30 banknotes max per operator)
  • immediate money counting 
  • validity certification of transactions with date storage
  • data sending to remote center
  • immediate money credit with consequent financial advantages
  • immediate checking of accounting (by web browser)
  • no bindings with software licenses

SCF deposit safe operations:

Checking, counting and deposit of banknotes
Thanks to a ECB certified acceptor, which meets the validation requirements of the European Central Bank, the SCF system is able to check banknotes and their value and finally transfer them to an inside box. If rejected, the unaccounted banknote is returned through the front slot.

Supervising the security of the safe containing the SCF system
A monitoring action of all physical and functional aspects, together with deposit and withdrawal procedures and operators’ identification.

Registering deposits and credits, communicating with different platforms
Subject to agreement with the bank and the money transport company, the deposits can be immediately credited to the customer’s bank account.

Communicating with remote management platforms for security and maintenance
A system is more efficient and reliable when it can be monitored by remote, it can provide assistance in advance or in temporary difficult conditions.

Choice of the safe containing the SCF system
Before choosing it is important to consider how the SCF system is used and where it is located:

Monitored Area
With daily money withdrawals, the choice of the safe containing the SCF system must be directed towards an anti hold-up product: the right container should be strong but light with possible floor anchorage.

NOT monitored Area
In this case the choice is for a strong safe, which can ensure greater security.

The safe’s door may be operated by the same SCF logic (suggested) or may be equipped with standard locks. The door can stay open during working hours and closed for the rest of the time.

anchorage: possible floor anchorage
security lock: motorized, CPU system, opening by DALLAS keys
event memory : 4.000 events

Compliance: EC Directives
on request: further Cash Box, UK key, printer with receipt, barcode reader

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