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SESAMO series

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SESAMO series

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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
138 x 83 x 63* (*sporgenza portellone)
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SESAMO is the 24 hours a day deposit safe for money surplus, the withdrawal of the deposited money occurs from inside the bank.

The customer may easily introduce money into the safe by rigid plastic bags or paper envelopes.
Being adaptable to the different thickness of the masonry, the SESAMO safe can be installed on a window or a wall.


  • front part in stainless steel, different models according to the masonry thickness (window/wall)
  • deposit safe according to the UNI EN 1143-1 rule (3rd/4th grade)
  • opening of deposit door by proximity key
  • inside net for deposits
  • interlock between deposit door and safe door to prevent simultaneous opening of the two.


MS: mechanical lock with changeable key and mechanical combination lock with 3 digits
ZS: mechanical lock with changeable key and mechanical combination lock with 4 digits


  • outside printer with receipt
  • inside printer with receipt

Colour: RAL 7031 Grey

Main operations

  1. Identification, enabling the user to deposit
    The customer receives an identification key for:
    - preventing strangers from obtaining authorization to open deposit door
    - adding an essential element to records: identification of the user’s key
    - making the customer responsible
    - univocally attributing the paternity of the action that is carried out

  2. Software
    It allows:
    - effective key management, associating the name to the customer
    - replacement and disabling of keys in case of extraordinary events such as loss, end of working relationship, etc.

  3. Checking of the correct deposit sequence
    The analysis of irregularities is performed by a microprocessor card. Irregularities are classified by codes and recorded in the event memory.

  4. Deposit disabled with open door on the bank side
    When bags are withdrawn from the bank side (open door), deposit from the street side is inhibited

  5. Analysis of anomalous and/or dangerous situations
    In these conditions the device is blocked, reset is possible by pressing the button inside the safe. This action represents a real prevention against potentially dangerous situations. If the blockage has been caused by forcing the deposit door, unduly opening or suspected failure, it cannot be removed. Assistance by a technician is then necessary.

  6. Record of events
    Two possible ways :
    - by an outside black-box (optional), always connected or connected when necessary (record of 500 events)
    - by the software included, which allows to visualize, print and store events through serial port

  7. Print of receipt (optional)
    The print of the receipt is important because it provides very useful information. The optional KIT discourages falsification attempts. The AUTHENTICATION CODE marked on the receipt, and consisting of a particular sequence of digits, is essential in case of a dispute.
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