Deposit and transfer safes


Deposit and transfer safes


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Outside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
60 x 51 x 52 (+cm 4,5 di sporgenza maniglia)
Inside Dimensions (H x W x D cm)
47,5 x 38,5 x 33,5
Weight (kg)
Volume litres
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SHOP SAFE is recommended to all the business activities who need anti hold-up protection.

Drug stores, tobacco shops and betting rooms are examples of business activities where it is necessary to protect the cash safely.

SHOP SAFE allows to move the money in excess by putting it quickly through the slot placed on the front of the door. The contents will be protected by the safe which comes from a First Grade Certified Safe according to the rule UNI EN 1143-1. The digital lock allows to set up a Time Delay and a Time Windows.

By only using the digital lock, it is easier to use the item safely since the digital does not involve the potential risks of losing the safe key.

The inner movable shelf separates the compartment where the banknotes fall and it creates a further space below to guard other riches.

This safe is suitable for floor and wall anchoring.


  • slot (H 2,3 x W 13 cm) for deposit of money surplus with protection against fishing out
  • digital lock with Time Delay and Time Windows
  • steel walls (inside and outside)
  • multilayer inside armouring with thermal insulating function
  • manganese shield for locks’ protection
  • door fixed to the frame by cylindrical bolts
  • 180° door opening to facilitate inside access
  • Time Delay opening from1’ to 99’
  • possible anchorage to the floor or to the back of the safe

 Colour RAL 7035

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