Exclusive safes

Embroidered Leather

Exclusive safes

Embroidered Leather

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This elegant and refined Exclusive Safe has been custom-designed to satisfy the desires of one of our customers.

The beautiful small safe has a light-toned leather covering of the highest quality. To further embellish the product, the precious material has been embroidered with a diamond pattern.

Thanks to the skillful craft techniques acquired over time by our Venetian master artisans, their "precious leather cloak" has given an extraordinary new look to our safe.

Around its perimeter, the walnut wood interior is lit by warm led lights.

Two drawers and a glass shelf complete the interior furnishings, allowing the best housing for the precious objects.

The silver color of the handle and of the keyhole cover, which represent an exclusive CONFORTI design, harmonize very well with the product.

The safe has a 1st grade certification according to the European standard rule for professional safes and is equipped with a certified key- lock as a guarantee for the high protection of valuables.

According to the philosophy of our luxury brand, this object has been created as a unique piece.

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