Conforti choice of vault rooms, armoured rooms and security boxes

Conforti solutions for vault rooms and armoured rooms are multiple: they may vary from brickwork, carried out according Conforti specifications with the insertion of special manganese bars against mechanical or thermal break-ins, to the choice for the certified modular vault room, a custom made, prefabricated, monolithic structure which is assembled on site.

Conforti may therefore satisfy all security needs, both for professionals and individuals. In addition to the actual construction, the vault room may be equipped with technologically sophisticated detectors and alarm systems.

Armoured compactors: what are they?
The armoured compactors of different sizes, in the electronic or manual version, represent the alternative solution to traditional vault rooms, when brickwork is not possible.
They are specifically designed to house security boxes of various sizes, paintings holders, furs holders or plain shelves.